You know what’s interesting?

You know what’s interesting? My first goal was to lose my baby weight and have more energy. I had no idea what this opportunity would bring me. It was all about “me” in the beginning.

So I lost the weight, gained the energy, gained the confidence and oh so much more. So I decided to be a coach. I had no idea that my little story could inspire others. What I learned is that being a coach is the best way to stay on track with your goals!! You think twice about what you’re eating on a daily basis. You think twice about that cheat meal. For me, the workout is non-negotiable because I need to post my video!! Coaching has kept me accountable in so many ways and helping others reach their goals invigorates me to stay focused to stay on track!

I’m hosting a one day informational group on Wednesday to learn more. You may be thinking what I was…”I don’t have enough time”, “I need to lose weight first”, “I don’t know enough people”, ” I don’t want to sell anything.” These questions will be answered and more!!

Summer is fast approaching!! Why not feel confident in your own skin by becoming a coach!!
Comment “Yes” below to join the one day group. No pressure. Just life-changing information! Just listen and learn!



Blown away by the transformations…

I’m loving my latest program and I’m so blown away by the transformations I’m seeing from my latest group of ladies!!

Women who WERE feeling tired, worn out and hopeless. They are seeing real results and their confidence is growing!! They are feeling confident in their own skin!!

I’m looking for women who are ready for real change. It’s OK to make time for yourselves. It’s OK to celebrate your success! It’s OK to invest in a program that lays everything out for you. It’s OK to have HELP!! When you bring this into your life, miracles will occur!!

You will be apart of a secret group on Facebook where you will have 24/7 accountability and support! We will do this together! Comment below “Ready” for more details!

From a stressed out attorney to an overweight depressed mom…

Julia Bonner Fitness Cover Photo

From a stressed out attorney to an overweight depressed mom, I would like to share with you how I got fit and grew a booming fitness business from my kitchen counter.

I’m a full-time working wife and mom to a 2 year old. My family is my world!

After the tragic overdose and death of my baby brother, everything changed in my life. I quit my high powered job as a Felony Prosecutor and decided I did not want to live in a stressful, anxiety-filled life any more.

When I found the perfect combination of home fitness and nutrition for a busy mom, I did not know that ultimately, it would change my finances too. Whether you want the physical transformation like I had or if you are looking for a financial transformation too, I would love to support you. I know now, that God has personally called me to share this opportunity with you and help YOU reach all of your goals. As YOUR personal coach, I promise to never abandon you.

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