Did you know you can develop a food sensitivity out of the blue?

I used to LOVE cashews! Ate them all the time! But recently they haven’t been agreeing with me. Did you know you can develop a food sensitivity out of the blue? They can develop over time with continued exposure. Some of the symptoms include:

*Chronic low energy
*Flu-like or hay-fever-like symptoms
*Bloating or cramping
*Mood swings
*Difficulty shedding body fat

If you notice these issues after eating certain foods, your best bet is to eliminate for a period of time to determine the culprit!

via Julia Bonner Fitness – http://www.facebook.com/thinkandgrowfit


Organic Crock-Pot Apple Chicken

For those of you who asked! Here’s my special Crock-Pot Apple Chicken. Let me know if you make it and please share with your friends!

Organic Crock-Pot Apple Chicken
A sweet and savory dream cooked to perfection in a slow cooker. This meal melts in your mouth! No sugar and all natural. This will be a household favorite! – http://juliabonnerfitness.com/recipe/chicken-and-applesauce/

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