Are Root Canals Really a Cause of Cancer?

This is so interesting. I’ve strongly believe the connection between oral health and overall physical and emotional health. What are your thoughts about this?

Are Root Canals Really a Cause of Cancer?

Get wise to the links between root canals and cancer and some safe oral hygiene tips for keeping your entire system strong and cancer-free.

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As a new mom, I was SO ecstatic…

As a new mom, I was SO ecstatic that I found a convenient at-home solution to lose weight and get healthy. As a full-time working mom who was breastfeeding exclusively, I did not have the leisure to commute to a gym and the group classes were always at times that didn’t work for me.

I LOVED that I had a program that was LAID out for me. Do this, eat this. Don’t eat that. That’s exactly what I needed!! Let’s face it, being a mom is hard enough. There is no need to waste 30 minutes in the car to get a workout done.

I’m looking for my next group of Moms that need a simple solution at home. That would like to lose 5-20 pounds or more. You will have 24/7 support and accountability in an online forum.

You will follow a fitness routine and meal plan that is Guaranteed to work!! Literally! If you’re not 100% happy, you can get all your $$ back.

Comment “Yes” below for more details!!

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